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Models and molds
for casting CAD-CAM


Modelbages products offered are all kinds of models and molds for casting, checking fixtures, injection molds, prototypes, repairs or modifications of large metal parts, stamping dies and prototypes.

The maintenance of models and molds is one of the hallmarks of Modelbages since its inception. All of the products and services Modelbages offers have high quality thanks to the high degree of specialization and qualifications of their staff and the application of the most advanced design systems and CAD-CAM machining.

Models and molds for casting

The main market of Modelbages is making foundry molds and models aimed at different sectors such as automotive, energy, fluids control and decorative or structural elements.

Checking fixtures

Modelbages manufactures different types of materials and tools with the most appropriate techniques for each project.

Repairs and modifications of large pieces

Repairs or modifications in the same place of breaks on large pieces, such as marine engines and power generation, are a very rare specialty Modelbages can offer thanks to the experience and the high qualification of its staff.

Prototypes with epoxy resins

Modelbages prototypes are produced mainly with epoxy resins of low density, thereby enabling rapid machining and also a high quality finish.

3D printing prototypes

We can design and manufacture different prototypes or sample parts in 3D printing with PLA material.

Injection molds

We manufacture injection molds by made of machined aluminum or from cast aluminum models. Modelbages offers the service coordinated with the client from the design to the delivery of the finished mold in the client's facilities.

Prototype stamping dies

We manufacture stamping dies for the study of prototypes of parts before making long series.